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About Dalian


Most travelers who have been to Dalian conclude that it is a location suited to both tourism and living as it is a beautiful city with clean streets, beaches, islands, gardens and picturesque hilly landscapes. Sunshine, clear air, green lands and all sorts of delicious food all contribute to its many attractions.

Much like Hong Kong, the city was infused with Russian, Japanese, and European architectural influences. These former "symbols" of foreign repression are now fully embraced as part of Dalian's worldly charm. Now join our private tours to get a different experience. 
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3-day Dalian Tour
Knows for its pleasant, clean air, and bright beaches, Dalian is a world-famous summer resort. Just enjoy a 3-day Dalian trip at a relaxing pace.
4-day Dalian Tour
Make an in-depth exploration of charming Dalian, with all typical attractions - enchanting Bangchuidao Scenic Area, fantastic Golden Pebble Beach, and amazing large-size squares …
Bangchuidao Scenic Area

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