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Call for Papers

The 2020 International Conference on Civil Engineering and Transport (ICCET 2020) serves as good platforms for academics, researchers, and engineers to meet and exchange innovative ideas and information on these fields. We are delighted to invite you to participate in ICCET 2020. Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

TOPIC A: Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering (土木工程与结构工程)

Structural Engineering

Bridge Engineering

Tunnel, Subway and Underground Facilities

Seismic Engineering

Road and Railway Engineering

Transportation Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering

Coastal Engineering

Water Supply and Drainage Engineering

Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Works

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

Environment-Friendly Construction and Development

Monitoring and Control of Structures

Structural Rehabilitation, Retrofitting and Strengthening

Reliability and Durability of Structures

Cartography and Geographic Information System

Surveying Engineering

Computational Mechanics

Computer Simulation


TOPIC B: Geotechnical Engineering and Construction Technology (岩土工程与施工技术)

Geotechnical Engineering

Geological Engineering

Case histories on ground motion and site effects

Construction Technology

Soil investigation with field and laboratory testing

Dynamic Characterisation and modelling

Performance based design methodologies

Soil-structure interaction

Physical modelling by shaking table and centrifuge tests


Lateral spreading

Slope stability


Landfills and dams

Shallow foundations

Pile foundations

Retaining wall

Reinforced earth

Underground structures

TOPIC C: Architecture Engineering and Building Materials (建筑工程与建筑材料)

Architectural Design and Its Theory

Building Technology Science

Urban Planning and Design

Landscape Planning and Design

Architectural Environment

Equipment Engineering

Building Energy Saving Technology

Ecological Architecture

Traditional Construction Materials

Advanced Construction Materials

Green Building Materials

TOPIC D: Traffic Science and Transport System (交通科学与运输系统)

Intelligent Transport System

Analysis of Transport System

Transportation Economics Application

Transport Design and Management

Traffic Regulation Application and Management

Transport Management and Control

Transport Phenomena

Logistics Engineering and Management

Logistics Storage Technology and Management

Logistics Information Technology and Management

Road Construction and Budget

Road Construction and Management

Roadbed and Pavement Engineering and Management

Road Safety

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